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Kristine Emilie Krüger

Kristine Emilie Krüger (2003) is a violist, violinist, singer, pianist and composer from Stavern, Norway. Her passion for music has brought her to the semi-finale in Norwegians got talent 2018, a performance in Telenor Arena in front of 15,000 people, and playing solo in front of Norwegian HRH Crown Prince Haakon. She has several performances as a solo artist and as member of different orchestras.

Kristine is from the autumn 2022 attending the Bachelor of Music programme with a major in viola performance at the Academy of Music in Kraków.

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"A World With Kristine"
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Kristine's story as a solo artist:
Seeing Aleksander Rybak on television in 2009, performing Fairytale on his violin, Kristine immediately knew she wanted to be a violinist. At that time she loved singing, and she started playing the piano. Two years later she started her violin education. She is grateful for everyone who has supported her, from UKM (Young Culture Meets), via Eurovision Song Contest junior, through Norwegian's Got Talent. Being top three in the semi-finale is her greatest achievement so far in her short career.
Winter 2019/-20 she started to play viola, and her progression as a string player has been indescribable. Several perfomances and concerts have been meet with astunment, where she varies between playing viola, violin and piano, as well as singing her own songs. 

Kristine's story as an orchestra musician:
Playing in four different orchestras, including the Norwegian Youth Symphony Orchestra (NUSO) and Vestfold Symphony Orchestra (VSO) has given Kristine a wide range of arrangements. With Vestfold Youth String Orchestra she has played in Miami. A favorite concert was Carmen with VSO, and to be appointed to play Ole Bull's "The Dairymaid's Sunday" solo together with VUSO. As violinist she was one of the Concert Masters in VUSO, and one of two group leaders on the 2. violin in NUSO. On viola she is the group leader i VUSO.
In 2020-2022 she was a violist at Ung Filharmoni (under the Crescendo umprella). This included guidance and performances together with Oslo Philarmonic Orchestra.

A few words on practicing at home and in school, bringing her into the world of solo concerts for small and big audience. Listing some of her most important performances from the last two years. All the listed performances, and more, can be seen on the "Konserter" (Concerts) and "Videoer" (Videos). Link to Facebook and Instagram.
"Egenkomponert musikk" explaines that she makes her own music, and there will be links to those melodies very soon. Her version of Vivaldi - Summer - Storm is however shown as a video on Norwegian TV channel TV2 from the semifinale in Norweian got talent.

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